New York Times

"Chicken scarpariello is the dish to order. The overflowing platter featured succulent on-the-bone meat, hunks of sausage, peppers, onions, potatoes and whole cloves of garlic. It caused a battle of the forks among tablemates."
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"This dependable restaurant and wine bar offers an impressive steakhouse menu on Wednesday evenings, from porterhouse to sirloin, rib-eye to T-bone and filet mignons."
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"A "longtime favorite" among Amityville loyalists, this "intimate" American-Italian "prepares everything just right"
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Long Island Pulse

"Vittorio’s, with its subdued lighting, white table cloths and bare wood floors, on a modest corner of Broadway in Amityville, is in short the very kind of eating place that makes Italian food Long Island’s hands down favorite."
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Business LI

"The cuisine, says Esposito, is "American with an Italian soul."
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Long Island Press

"With a whopping 80 bottles open and ready to fill your glass, Vittorio’s is a must for wine aficionados."
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Copaigue Weekly

"The ambiance and attentive staff helped make the dining experience a pleasurable one."
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The Improper Magazine

"Enjoy a three-course meal with featured wines to accompany each course for $39.95 every week
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Vittorio’s Italian Steakhouse
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